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Want multiple ways for your business to win?

Just Ask. 

Companies, from start-ups to thriving larger businesses, have a never-ending “to do” list that makes it harder to focus and to constantly ask “what’s next?”

As market challenges multiply and change faster than ever, your team and operations benefit from resources that combine a grounded background in industry innovation and success with a constant eye toward emerging best practices and new standards for improving and optimizing your systems, methods and marketing.

That’s where Multi-Ask comes in.

I established Multi-Ask as a versatile resource for solving a wide range of marketing, research and business issues in today’s complex modern multitasking landscape. 

As a creative strategist with a research emphasis, I have a thirst for insightful problem solving. With a combination of talents and career focus areas, I’ve found success by consistently being a force that identifies needs, sees a future and then brings ideas, people and plans together in ways you will love.

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One thing I know - whatever your question or challenge, there is an answer and an opportunity for growth.

Brand/target market engagement.
From brand/digital presence audits to target market research to data-driven creative strategy to go-to-market plans and managing execution.

Research and analysis for the real world.
From A/B testing to VOC to metric benchmarking and tracking via visual dashboards - everything is informed by research and tuned for continuous improvement.

Business optimizing.
From optimizing your business model to writing business plans to matching you with the right resources (everything from investors to creative services to automation tools) to marketing and growth strategies that will drive results.  


Partners with people who want to make a real difference and are ready for change.
People like you (hopefully) who are passionate about growing and improving their business and working smarter, not harder.

Gives you great solutions for your key asks.

Multiple innovative solutions for not just what is needed now, but that give you a clear vision of how solutions can evolve with you tomorrow and beyond.

Acts as a multiplier for your company.
Finding ways to multiply your impact in marketing, planning, systems and resources - often by creating more efficiently functioning systems. And, able to step in to provide temporary or longer-term expertise for initiatives that need a more constant presence.


  • A research-first perspective 

  • Training and experienced in powerful combination of hard tech, creative teams, and strategic communication 

  • For large clients and small; established and emerging brands


  • Do you have a ton of ideas and opportunities, but aren’t sure which will drive the biggest impact or how to get it all done?  

  • Does it feels like the world is moving faster than you can keep up and you need a “fast forward button?”

  • Are you tired of wasting time on manual, repetitive tasks when you know your time could be better spent on growing your business?

  • Do you want a second opinion on whether to invest in new approach, resource, or technology that’s backed up by research and industry expertise?

  • Do you have a messy scenario and you’re ready to clean it up?  

Contact Me

St. Louis, MO, USA


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